About us

STORAGE COMPAT is a multinational company dedicated to manufacturing workspace equipment, as well as leanĀ  manufacturing and supply chain systems.

We take pride in producing 100% of all the products we offer to our customers, from plastic items to high-capacity, durable metal items.

Our company stands out for its commitment to quality and innovation at every step of the manufacturing process.

The relentless pursuit of organization, competitiveness, efficiency, time and resource savings, as well as the commitment to continuous improvement, are aspects that define STORAGE COMPAT core values and mission.

Mission and Vision

Over the past 15 years, our partnerships have helped define the way we see business today and in the future. Our experiences have shaped our beliefs, values and visions. These are what drive our behavior and culture, enabling us to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision for all of South America.


To offer reusable solutions for storage, handling of materials and industrial furniture aimed at improving the productivity of the industry in general and with the objective of saving and improving the environment, as well as promoting humanization in the workplace and elimination of disposable products.


Eco-sustainability, a fundamental value.

The goal of the Storage Compat Group is to combine eco-sustainability and logistics, in order to offer customers a durable and eco-friendly product, or the result of a supply chain conceived with the utmost environmental awareness.
Store Compat is committed to post-consumer recycling using more than 1200 tons per year, a small contribution to achieving a plastic-free ocean. After all, the earth is the most important container.

Our industry